Vector Network Analyser

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Vector Network Analyser

A must if developing aerials

Measuring my 60 mtr aerial

Red line is Reflected Power and blue line is Resonance. Smith Chart shows red dot in the center at 50 OHMs resistive, anything to the right is high resistance, anything to the left is low resistance. Anything to the top is inductive reactance and anything to the bottom is capacitive reactance.

Understanding the NANO SAA2N VNA:

Setting up the NANO SAA2N VNA:
Using the VNA with VNA View software on your PC:
   1) Download the latest VNA QT Software from the following site: G4URH Download Page
   2) Connecting the VNA to the VNA View Software

SAA2N - VNA Links:
  • W2AEW Understanding a VNA
  • HOW to properly use a NanoVNA