Hermes-Lite 2 SDR Project

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Hermes-Lite 2 SDR Project

Just Brilliant

Building and using a Hermes Lite 2:
The Hermes- Lite 2 comes as two ready made pcbs incorporating a SDR Transceiver Main PCB, a Low Pass Filter unit and you'll need the case. The Hermes Lite 2 RF power output is rated at five (5) watts

Main PCB Low Pass Filter PCB Enclosure parts

For basic operation, the Hermes-Lite 2.0 is compatible with all software supporting the openHPSDR protocol 1. Click on the 'Software' link at the bottom of this page to take you to a list popular software to use with the Hermes-Lite 2.0 and describes common software features you can expect in each package.

I use the following software to operate my Hermes Lite, both originally developed for the Anan Transceiver range of SDRs:
    1) OpenHPSDR-PowerSDR mRX PS v3.4.9, or,
    2) Thetis 64 bit software with updated software using Protocol-1

The PC I use is an Intel Core I9 processor, my I5, 8th Generation and I3 5th Generation also runs it with no problems. The Hermes Lite drives the XIEGU XPA-125B or my JUMA PA1000 quite nicely. Other amplifer kits are available like the Hardrock-50 make a good combination giving 50 watts, see links below.

Hermes Lite 2 Plus:
Upgrading the 'Hermes Lite 2' to the 'Hermes Lite 2 Plus' by using the 'Companion Board'

When you add this board to a Hermes lite 2 and use Takashi's custom gateware, (See 'Updateing Gateware' link below, an additional 'USB Blaster programming interface will be required.) making it a Hermes Lite 2 Plus and then you get:

   - CW keyer on HL2 CN4; with keyer, straight and electronic bug key modes
   - CW Sidetone in local headphones and local speaker
   - Headphones Jack
   - Local Speaker Output with 600 mW output capability, good for a laptop type speaker.
     Speaker (only) mute via repurposed RX Dither SW button
   - Microphone Jack suitable/configurable for dynamic and passive microphones
   - Hardrock-50 Power Amplifier Control (bandswitching and PTT) using serial data and PTT

You can find all about the board and the capabilities it adds to the Hermes 2 Lite SDR at:    
  • Hermes Lite Links: